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Originally Posted by Sepioth View Post
You can either turn of the SCT options or remove your name from that list there.
You could remove your name from the list, but the next time to log in on that character it's name will be automatically added back to the list. This is unfortunate seeing as having the name of your character in that list causes problems when using channel sounds. For example I have a separate chat tab specifically created for all party talk. I set Chatter to make a sound if someone talks in this party channel to make sure I don't miss anything important. However if someone grouping with me says my name in a sentence (or alone), the sound I set refuses to play.

I guess what we should probably be doing is point the author of Chatter to this thread lol. In any case sorry for bugging ya all, especially the makers of the mods in question. FWIW both are on my top three list (out of the 31 addons I currently use). I could probably live without most of them, but not MSBT and especially Carbonite. I just got a nice big refund cheque and as soon as I get it cashed I'll be happily donating to both projects.