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I'm having a few problems with my oUF layout:

1. self.Highlight does display my texture, but it is drawn beneath the healthbar and thus rendeing itself pretty useless as it is not visible. I tried messing with SetFrameLevel for the healthbar, but even though this fixes my mouseover problem it also screws up the partytargets and partypets that get set via the .xml - those get drawn with their healthbar beneath the background.

This is my self.Highlight code:
self.Highlight = self:CreateTexture(nil, 'HIGHLIGHT')
2. I've been trying to find some information on how to customize debuffs. I am mostly interested in filtering certain buffs and also displaying my own buffs in a different size then those of other players. Unfortunately I haven't found any layout that does this that I could learn from.

3. I'd like to have mana displayed in may raidframes for only those players that actually have mana. But since raidframes are - as far as I know - not handled as ordinary units I have no idea how to do checks for mana on every single player in the raid. I'd also like to display an icon for those raidmembers that are soulstoned - I guess that this must be checked for in the same way as the mana so it might be more or less the same problem.

4. I would like to design my layout with absolute pixel precision, but the frames that get drawn in WoW are always a bit larger than the dimensions that I define in my .lua and thin lines get blurred into oblivion. I guess the problem here is Blizzard's UI Scale. Currently I have UI Scaling turned off. What do I have to do to get a square of 100x100px in code to actually display at the same size onscreen? (I know this is not really oUF related, but I don't know where to search for an aswer... )

Any help on these topics would be much appreciated!
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