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Exclamation Note to players using private servers

I've noticed lately a disturbing trend here and elsewhere of players who use private servers logging errors and or complaints about different addons not working correctly or at all in some cases.

1. Addons are usually updated for the latest Blizzard patch. Private servers are not.

2. Addons are not generally backwards compatible with previous patches because they are meant to be used on legal servers and use a lot of changes to Blizz's API and whatever else gets changed. Therefore there is NO POINT in registering any complaints you have regarding an addon used on a private server.

I won't comment on the right or wrong of using a private server here. I'll just advise you to either run out-dated addons meant for previous patches, or run completely addon free. Those are your choices. Whether you admit to playing on a private server or not, there is really nothing that the authors or anyone else can or will do for you here.

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