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Okay, I see you never fixed this, and I'll be honest, I had stopped using nUI for a while. I came back to it, and after having read up a bit on addon development I decided to look at it again, and I figured it out. In nUI_StatusBar.lua function createStatusBar you set frame.bar to the texture file on the BORDER layer. Looks good there. In setBar you have three variables, bar, min_offset and max_offset. If bar is present, you set frame.bar to the given bar, otherwise, you set it to the texture file with the points 1,1,1,1. At the end of createStatusBar, you call setBar() with no variables, so bar is empty, thereby setting the texture to 1,1,1,1. Because runic power and rage are empty, no update is called to make the bar active, and the entire texture is shown! To remedy this, on line 631 of nUI_StatusBar.lua simple change: