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Bars 7 through 9 are not usable in the way that you are trying to use them and never should be. To do so would break the game. They serve all sorts of special functions to the Blizzard game engine such as vehicle abilities when you mount a vehicle, possession abilities when you are in control of another mob or player such as occurs in many quests and raid encounters, etc. Trying to use those bars for unintended purposes would break the game engine.

I cannot fathom ever needing 120 buttons at one time... however, if you needed more than the 72 buttons that are instantly available to you, then you could add another bar mod that gives you the extra buttons you're looking for.

That said, I'm pretty confused since most classes really can't use more than a maximum of 36 buttons for the spells and talents they have available to them. What do you need all of the extra buttons for?

EDIT: Bars 7-9 *are* visible to those classes that use them... that is... you put your action bar on page-1 and you shapeshift into cat form on a druid and the correct shapeshift bar is displayed so they can place their kitty form talents on it. But that bar is a *replacement* for action bar page 1 that is displayed only when in cat form. Similar for stealth, etc. Bars 7-10 are technically all replacements for bar 1 when you are in a special form or situation which is why you can't use them all the time.

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