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My main is a Blood Elf Mage. I generally am not fond of the Alliance. There are too many short, cartoony bits running about the screen. >< LoL I like Mages because I enjoy the skill and precision it takes to play one, and I like the Blood Elves because they're pretty, and they have all the right kind of arrogance in their personality. The racial bonuses aren't bad, and I've found them so handy that I don't like having to do without them, but they were not my initial driving motivation. My Mage alt is a Draenei. The racial HoT is an amazing addition to my play style (I like running myself down to 5% health by the end of combat in the name of being awesome), and Draenei are one of the classiest races on the Alliance imo (I rolled them for friends that play Alliance).

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