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Well... to be honest, I use the number pad on my keyboard for most of my play using ctrl and alt to modify it which gives me 19 buttons I can bind three ways and I've just memorized how they map to my action bars... muscle memory and all that.

The main problem with trying to address your issue with the nUI action bars and your N52 is that nUI's action bars are tied directly to Blizzard's action bar engine, so having 14 buttons on the main action bar would break it. You're kind of stuck with 12.

That said, the approach I have used in mapping my action bars to my keypad is that I look at the action bars as three groups of four buttons each so the top row of four buttons is 1-4, the next row is 5-8 and hte third row is 9-12 then I use the extra buttons for "other" things. Without a modifier, the keys map to my main action bar, ctrl maps them to the action bar below and to the left of the main and alt maps to the bar below and to the right... that's a quick 36 buttons I can access with one hand on the mouse and the other hand never moving from the number pad. And, as already mentioned, I use the extra buttons for other things. For the rest, I just mouse-click.

I'm not sure how you might translate that to the n52 but maybe that will give you some ideas?

Also... you can change the orientation of the action bars if you really need to by editing [ Interface > AddOns > nUI > Layouts > Default > nUI_Layout_Default_Dashboard.lua ] -- just locate the nUI_DefaultConfig.ButtonsBars section and change the "rows =" and "cols =" to modify the layout... you could, for example, make them three rows of four buttons each to they more closely map to your keypad... just keep in mind you'll have to rearrange things a bit using '/nui movers' to make it all fit though.

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