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Smile Custom Graphic in XML

Here's an example of code I use to create a piece of frame background. The images don't have to be in a seperate directory but personally I do it for a little more organization. This is a snippet from my frame background, it's 1 of 6 pieces. I also found that WoW prefers images with dimensions of 256 x 256, 512 x 512 and so on but smaller ones 128 x 64, 32 x 32, 64 x 64 etc. It was trial and error to get the sizing right for me.

I use "Gimp" to create the tga's, "Tilesplitter" to make the 256 squares and believe it or not "Windows Paint" to create the original images.

Hope this helps

     <Frame name="TopSkinTexture1Right">
          <AbsDimension x="512" y="32" />
          <Anchor point="TOPLEFT">
              <AbsDimension x="245" y="-31" />
          <Layer Level="ARTWORK">
            <Texture name="DWMBgS2" setAllPoints="true" file="interface\AddOns\yourmod\images\Purple-Panel_S1a">
              <TexCoords left="0" right="1" top="0" bottom="1" />
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