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I realized that the event script i made didnt work because somehow I couldnt find the right trigger.
local e, f, g = GetSpellCooldown(48, SpellBookFrame.bookType);if (f <= 0) then

works when i made it into a macro and test it.

somehow it just wont trigger, i tried many events, just wont work.

If you could help me on what event trigger to use which fires when your cooldown ends, that would be great.

I tried

for some reason they dont fire when my cooldown ends, I tested it wit spell 47 which is my stealth, which should change to the set when my 10s cooldown of stealth ends. (I stealth and unstealth, which brings 10s CD on the spell, then waited it out the 10s, nothing happened.)

I also tried delay set to 0.5 and 0 and 1 s
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