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Hi Gello

Love the work, BEST OUTFIT/WARDROBE Mod.

Issues with Same Items/Different Enchants

I was having some issues with the mount/dismount event.
So after deleting the ItemRack Directory and the savedvaribles file and re-installing it (I also removed TitanRider .lua and .xml from the Titan Directory) the same problem occurs.

I found what appeared to be an issue with events. In my case the Mount-Dismount event.

Here is my set up.

I have everything the same except for my Trinket, Boots and Gloves.

These are the same type Shadowcraft Boots, one with +Agil on them and the others with Mith Spurs, also Shadowcraft Gloves with +Agil on one pair and Riding Enchant on the other.

So I have these 2 different sets done.
One for Mounted and the other I call Skull-Any, due the the Skullforge Reaver I wear.
I set the Skull-Any up and saved them. Then clicked the equip.

I then set up the Mount select and saved it, and allocted it to the mount event in the events panel, and activate the "Events" box.

When I mount and mismount it leaves the +Agil Gloves and Boots on for both outfits, but switches the Trinkets assigned.

After some testing I think I have found the issue.

As both Boots and Gloves are of the same type (Shadowcraft), but have different Enchants, it does register them as being different, but as the same.

I did this testing by getting another set of Gloves and Boots I have and switching them in the "Mount" Profile, I kept the other "Skull-Any" Profile as is. I then mounted and dismounted and the different Gloves and Boots items switched back and forwards with no problems.

Has this issue come up before, any ideas about a work around to detect that they are same type/piece, but with different enchants?
Is there a way to make a custom script for this?


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