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Originally I was a Dwarf Hunter. Why? Uhm... Uhm... I don't really know. I didn't want to be anything too "odd" and a stretch of the word "humanoid." Hunter was just awesome because, let's be honest, who is not jealous of our pets? After playing him to level 15ish, (not very long, I know) I decided my brother as a Paladin was just too cool. He could tank 4 things at once and not blink! So I became a Human Paladin, and that's how I remain, content on Moonrunner. I love being able to take on 4 enemies at once, and I love the complexity of having more spells than my action bars can handle. It gives me things to do in battle and outside, and it lets me play a backup healer when need be. My hunter later came on another server. A PvP server, Daggerspine, in the form of Orc Hunter, Nepheleim.
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