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Question Tips from the pros?


I have dabbled a bit in programming and feel i could contribute a bit but i don't really know how to get started.

I was hoping to see if i could write a code that allowed this to communicate with curse.com, i saw no problems with this as i have a log in and am a payed subscriber. But, i have no idea where to start...... or possible an app that allowed you to point specific addons to different urls... again, i am lost as to how this would be accomplished....

if some one has a script that could get me started or has started on either of theses paths them selves could help me get started i am eager to learn and hungry for knowledge

i am NOT looking to "steal" any ones work or pawn it off as my own if it works, i believe in giving credit where credit is due it's only right.

but a helping hand for some one very eager to learn and get started would be greatly appreciated
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