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Main - Human Mage
- Mage because I've always loved being "the ranged" or "the magic guy" ever since I started playing RPGs. Mages seemed the closest thing to my D&D Battle Wizard I had at the time (april '05) and I didn't want to be a hunter because I wanted to be different then my RL friends (5 out of 8 were playing hunters at the time).
- Human because I didn't like the feel of gnomes. Spent a couple of years regretting the decision because I really liked the mounts and the racial Escape Artist. And then humans got Every Man For Himself and mounts were made available to everyone and I became happy.

Alts - N. Elf Druid and Draenei Shaman
- Druid because I wanted a Tank that could function reasonably well soloing and without dual-specs at the time Prot Warriors and Paladins seemed too slow for me.
- Shaman because I wanted a healer that didn't rely on the 5-sec rule to regen mana.
N. Elf and Draenei because they were the only races that had the classes for Alliance.
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