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Troll - Because I can't play any other race, duh. Fallen in love with the race, and I now have way too many troll characters. Just wish they could be warlocks!

Priest - I had been meaning to roll a priest for a while, as I wanted to try it out. At about level 20 I was fully hooked, and started facemelting my way through the levels. After a few weeks WotLK arrived, and then I was level 67. Decided I was bored of Outland, so I went to Northrend, facemelted some clueless DKs, and started levelling some more.

...Am bored of it all now though. The whole "OMGLOL U SUX BCUZ U ONELY HAS 2K SP LOL I HAS OVER NINE THOUSAND LOL NUB"-population of WoW... No thanks.
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