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I always wanted to be a troll. Waaay back in vanilla, I used to watch a friend of mine play on his troll.
Then another friend of mine started a hunter, and I finally decided to try too.
Now, my first character ever was a nightelf hunter. Why? because my friend was a nightelf hunter. Hey, good enough for me.
It was not the class for me though, and I decided to roll a Nightelf Female druid.

... Why?

Cause I liked the starting robe.
Oh, and I made her hair match the starting robe.

At level 10 I specced balance, because I thought I was being clever. "Hey, I dont even have bear form or catform or whatever, so speccing feral would be stupid!"
That was before I knew you got bear form at level 10. But I continued on as Balance (well, I didnt know you could respec either) and she has been my main ever since, and stayed as balance from level 10 to 80.

And I forgot to place my talent points for 20 levels, and when I finally got Moonkin Form at level 40, I didnt start to use it until level 52, cause it was ugly. Mind you, I had never tried any game like WoW before.
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