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I, too, have been an avid user of Auctioneer ever since I started playing the game (which was over three years ago). In spite of a few growing pains I've had with AuctionLite, so far I'm really quite happy with it.

My reason for posting this is to beg you not to listen to those who suggest that you add "Auctioneer"-type features... or pretty soon you'll have an Addon that's every bit as top-heavy as Auctioneer! For those of who like Auctioneer's features, I humbly suggest that you keep using it. For myself, I'm satisfied in having an Addon that can perform the basic buy-and-sell functions without taking a half an hour to scan the AH database.

Thanks for a great - and much awaited - alternative!

P.S. For those you of who've posted about Auctioneer's "DE" function - it doesn't have one! The DE function is provided by a seperately-downloadable Addon called "Enchantrix", available from Auctioneer's main site. I don't use it, but according to the Auctioneer site it should work perfectly well without the rest of the suite.

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