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Since there seems to be a resurgence of questions from players using private servers I thought I would bump this thread to make it a little more noticeable.

To restate what I said a couple of months ago;

No one on this site, or any site worth looking at, will help you if you are using a private server! So don't download any addons that are updated for the current patch and then come here and complain about how they won't work on your private server. They are not INTENDED to work on private servers! If you insist on playing on a private server, and not on a real, honest to god Blizzard server, then you get what you deserve out of the addons and their authors, NADA! I'm sure the admins and moderators on WoWI get tired of closing one thread after another from you private server types.Incredibly you frequently come back and post the same question again in a new thread when you see the old one has been closed. And I'm quite sure that the authors get really frustrated trying to help you out with bug reports, only to find out 20 or 30 posts into a thread that the real reason for the bug was because the op is on a... you guessed it... private server! That's why one of the first questions I usually ask in a thread reporting a bug in any addon that I have any knowledge of is "What server do you play on?" 99% of the time the question is irrellavant, but there have been many times when that question caught the problem before it really got started.

Long story short, if you play a private server, don't post anything here, we don't want to hear it.

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