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I wanted to play gnome at first, but at the same time I wanted an really important role, which is healing. Tanking is important, therefore I could have choose a gnome warrior. But I believe that healing is more important, so I studied the other races. I believed that humans would be optimal since they got more spirit. So it became a Human female.

Priest it was, because I didn't really like draeneis. They just looked odd in my taste. So I didn't want a shaman. Paladins was to me a more of a supporthealer, atleast at that time (beginning of tbc). And I'm a little of a roleplayer, so I thought it sounded awesome with a spiritual priest. And Being a priest is really fun since they are capable of doing both raidhealing and mthealing, depending on how you use your spells.

Human female priest Memoria... Has a nice ring to it! ^^

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