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Intercept mouse clicks

Ive been searching for hours to find out how to get the panels to intercept mouse clicks to no avail. the code I'm using doesn't give any errors but doesn't intercept the mouse clicks either, its like its not even there. this is the part im trying to get to work:

{ name = "Right",
anchor_to = "BOTTOM", y_off = 300, x_off = 546.5,
mouse = false,
width = "272", height = 195,
bg_color = {0,0,0}, bg_alpha = 1,

am i using the right code is it in the right place?
thanks in advance for any information anyone can give me.

ps: im trying to learn how to write the addons. ive found this a great learning experience. i would prefer for someone to point me in the right direction for finding the information myself through forums, etc instead of just "handing" to me, so to speak. thanks again
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