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Originally Posted by Aerials View Post
anyone know a layout with party frames spawned individually i could check out? trying to figure how to spawn rames as follows:

party3 party1 player target party2 party4

Something like this.

-- This defines the position

local player = oUF:Spawn("player")
player:SetPoint("TOPRIGHT", UIParent, "CENTER", -3, 0)

-- going left

local party1 = oUF:Spawn("party1")
 party1:SetPoint("RIGHT", player, "LEFT", -6, 0)

local party3 = oUF:Spawn("party3")
  party3:SetPoint("RIGHT", party1, "LEFT", -6, 0)

-- going right

local target = oUF:Spawn("target")
target:SetPoint("LEFT", player, "RIGHT", 3, 0)

local party2 = oUF:Spawn("party2")
 party2:SetPoint("LEFT", target, "RIGHT", 6, 0)

local party4 = oUF:Spawn("party4")
  party4:SetPoint("LEFT", party2, "RIGHT", 6, 0)
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