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thanks, i'll give it a try.... just wasn't sure if there was naming or something i needed to know. was gonna be trying this:

local partymember = {}
for i = 1, 4 do
	local party = oUF:Spawn('oUF_Party'..i)


		'showParty', true, 

		"template", "oUF_TestingParty"


	table.insert(partymember, party)
	if(i==1) then
		partymember[i]:SetPoint('RIGHT', player, 'LEFT', -30, 0)
	elseif(i==2) then
		partymember[i]:SetPoint('LEFT', target, 'RIGHT', 30, 0)
	elseif(i==3) then
		partymember[i]:SetPoint('RIGHT', partymember[1], 'LEFT', -30, 0)
	elseif(i==4) then
		partymember[i]:SetPoint('LEFT', partymember[2], 'RIGHT', 30, 0)
but no idea if it would have worked at all.
lol, didn work fully..... gonna try a couple more times this way thn try it your way

well.... doesnt seem like either way is working well, the way i was doing it gives me 4 party groups (all the same group), then they way you said doesn't do anything..... I really don't know much about the way the groups are spawned and there's no documentation for ouf anywhere and info on the actual wow api for it is incredibly lacking.

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