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i kni know

yes, i have came across the same complications.. i am not looking for the same ui that you are, but i am browsing through ui's and i open all the ones i like into seperate tabs and i read about all the addons in the package and i have found quite a few that i really love..

The thing i am having a problem with, is that over 98% of the ui's i have come across are scaled so large that i cannot get them to fit my monitor, so i even try adjusting my settings to fit what the scaling is of the ui, and my monitor just isn't big enough to meet the res that most of the ui's are made of.. so i just post coments saying how much i like their packages, and if anything ever comes around in a different resolution that i will be keeping an eye out for it..

i could use my tv as a monitor, but i bought a plasma tv, so it will burn.. if i would have been thinking about gaming when i bought the television, i would have bought LCD and then i would have 52' of pure gaming
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