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Originally Posted by zero-kill View Post
So are you wanting a) a button that will function as a macro/script that you can drag-&-drop into existing bars or b) a separate floating button that when pushed with hide or show the bar in question or c) only shown out of combat, on mouse-over?
(A) or (B). Preferably (A), but I could easily work with (B).

Actually, a better way to put it would be I'd like something like OPie, only with more direct access. I'd like the ability to add skills/items somewhere on the screen that I should show and hide at will. Hell, OPie would be perfect, except I can't move action items to my main bars (for example, moving my fishing skill to my main action bar 1 space for the keybind when I'm fishing), and OPie is a bit inefficient when you need to do a lot of repetitive motions (like putting up individual buffs). Plus OPie requires keybinds to open up rings, and my non-mouse hand keys are full up already.

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