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My first char ever was Farara, started in Feb 07, got her to 70. I liked her alot and am very fond of paladins. I liked that they were different from other classes and I really liked the whole idea behind them. Back in BC I thought at the char select screen they were tough cause they could heal but they wielded a bit 2-h Mace but that soon disappated at max level cause retribution was more of lolret so I went holy. soon after, i stopped playing her and rerolled HORDE! My Paladin was Draenei

Behind getting a draenei - I was a noob and thought the racial was to have those orbs that revolved around them... soon I realized this was a shaman ability! Ha

I rerolled Horde, made a Tauren Druid, got her to 70 known as Ferous. She was my favorite class ever, I played her a long time. I love healing, she was resto and always was fond of healing. Picked tauren cause they were the only one that could be a druid >.>

Made a Rogue called Ferocity changed name to tutifruti and got a sex change as well! I planned on pvping so I made an undead cause of WotF. >.> I never did pvp with her. I always wanted a rogue but i didn't want to twink , i hate twinks! >.>

I then made my Mage. I always was fascinated by their array of dps spells. She was my first new char in Wrath although I got ferous to 80 first. Made a troll cause I never had a troll before

Soon after, I transferred her to alliance cause I picked back up Farara! She is now prot. And I leveled an NE Priest on the side cause I loved the Night ELves in Warcraft 3 and thus picking her I love healing as well, and Priests have such a huge arsenal of healing spells.

Another reason why I like healing so much is customizing my interface around healing! Yes ! long story, no TLDR! :P

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