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I play on a Roleplaying realm, and it seems many roleplayers pick race/class combinations not just for the racial abilities but also because of the potential for fleshing out a character.

Current Main: Female BE Warlock. I have played Affliction since she was created. Went with BE Warlock because the character comes from a family of seamstresses/tailors. She saw a relation between the complexity of Affliction (casting DoTs without clipping and general rotation) and how complex weaving cloth can be. She's great at both, having Tailoring as a tradeskill.

Female BE Hunter as an alt, currently level 62 and climbing thanks to flying mount accessible at level 60! My very first main was a female NE Hunter, back when MM was "the" spec. I'm leveling her as BM but may pick up MM as a secondary spec. Went with BE Hunter for sentimental values, though the character is a rather ragged individual having lived abroad.

When my Hunter hits 80, I'll resume working on my Female BE Paladin. Not much of a choice for race/class, but I wanted to play a class that could fill more than one role (Hunter/Warlock are DPS only). Of course, I also wanted to have a character that could wear heavy armor, since squishy Warlock is squishy. This Paladin is a bit conflicted with the changes that M'uru's absence brought, which may or may not be completely accurate to the Lore.
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