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Hunter macro question

Ok so the short version is I always forget that i have aspect of the viper on when i go to attack and decided a marco would be useful.

What i have is when i mark a target with hunters mark it also puts me in aspect of the hawk (will be dragonhawk when i finally get it) which works just fine.

/cast !Aspect of the Hawk
/cast Hunter's Mark
This keeps me from toggling off the aspect if its a multi mob fight which is what i want. What I'm hoping for however is for a way to keep it from actually casting the aspect if its already up. Gets annoying to have the image flash above my head and hear the damn hawk scream constantly during multi-mob fights.

I took a browse through the API and didnt notice anything macro wise that would solve this issue. Im not opposed to using a script if needed i just have no idea about how to go about it if that is indeed the road to take.

If its not possible then ill just live with it of course. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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