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Blood Elf Paladin / Priest

I chose my Blood Elf Paladin for very simple reasons. Paladin, because I figured it'd be good to have a starter class that I could tank, heal, or dps with in case I decided to change. Blood Elf because my brother got me started playing the game, and he was Horde on my server so I wanted to play with him, and Belfs are the only Horde Paladins.

My Blood Elf Priest, Blood Elf just because I'd made friends in the 1 1/2 years I played my pally, and wanted to keep playing with them. Priest because I wanted a range dpser that could occasionally heal. Everyone tells my pally he can't join raids cause they need range dps, so I need my Priest
Why would I want to mount Onyxia, when she already gives epic head?

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