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Screenshot .. screenshot Yeah, I need to figure out what amongst all his code tells it to action the functionality as it seems when it is in the frame it doesn't seem to do it automatically. Go figure.

Okay, if and when you feel confident on these 2 lines being added to the file, let me know if it resolves your loading problems. And give us a screenshot of what should appear ( without the infopanel plugin enabled ) with your options and then what it looks like with the infopanel enabled. And the options screen displayed so I can see what you're expecting and make sure at least that works.

I've highlighted the two lines you need to add to the lua file, save it and either reload the ui if wow still running or load up wow and see if it updates properly when you toggle into the panel if you log in with another panel enabled.

enableSmartDebuff = function()
	local SmartDebuff = getglobal("SmartDebuffSF");
	plugin.SmartDebuff = SmartDebuff;
	-- Save some important information
	if not SmartDebuff.saved_parent then
		SmartDebuff.saved_parent   = SmartDebuff:GetParent();
		SmartDebuff.border_color   = SmartDebuff:GetBackdropBorderColor();
		SmartDebuff.backdrop_color = SmartDebuff:GetBackdropColor();		
	-- Set the PallyPower Frame to fit into the info panel
	nUI_Movers:lockFrame( SmartDebuff, false, nil );
	SmartDebuff:SetParent( plugin.container );
	SmartDebuff:SetPoint( "TOPLEFT", plugin.container, "TOPLEFT", 10, -10 );
	--SmartDebuff:SetPoint( "BOTTOM", plugin.container, "BOTTOM", 0, 0 );
	SmartDebuff:SetPoint( "BOTTOMRIGHT", plugin.container, "BOTTOMRIGHT", -10, 10 );
	SmartDebuff:SetFrameStrata( plugin.container:GetFrameStrata() );
	SmartDebuff:SetFrameLevel( plugin.container:GetFrameLevel()+1 );
	SmartDebuff:SetBackdropBorderColor( 0, 0, 0, 0 );
	SmartDebuff:SetBackdropColor( 0, 0, 0, 0 );	
	if (SMARTDEBUFF_Options.ShowBackdrop) then
	--nUI_Movers:lockFrame( SmartDebuff, true, nil );


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