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2 feature requests (1 oddity)

the oddity ive noticed is:
when you do regular scans of certain items (like i do with favorites) sometimes there will be items that are for sale at WAY under the norm but it wont list that as the price on the buy items listing

for example say Abyss Crystals usually sell for 37 gold
and today several of them are for sale for 36
but 2 are for sale for 20g (this is an actual example)

obviously the 20g is a great deal, but when i do the listing by doing 'show my favorites'

it lists all my favorite items, including abyss cystals, and it shows market price for abyss crystals for today is 36g, historical is 37g

it doesnt indicicate that any are for sale for 20g unless i open the listing for that specific item

feature request 1:
is there a way you can indicate the dirt cheap price on the grouped listings?
like either highlight it somehow if theres a deal on it , or have another column for lowest price or replace market price with lowest price?

feature request 2:
can you set it up so theres a hotkey to go from the item specific buy listings back to the group items listings?

ive been having to go into each favorite item listing 1 by 1 to check if there are any super deals on my favorites and then back, then into another, then back, its alot of clicking all over, would be alot quicker with a key to go back so i can have my mouse in the right general area already

thanks, and this is a great addon i really enjoy it
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