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to save up some action bar space i always use "Necrosis" its a sphere addon that has a menu for curses/abilities/demons, but also a button for your healthstone/soulstone, lets you make a soulwel by shift-rightclicking on them. Button for spellstone/firestone, and when you click it it auto-applies to your weapon.

really really usefull addon. I got the big sphere button set to showing my nr of shards and when clicking on it it casts fel armor on me.

It also has a cooldown tracker for you abilities, like soulstone 14 min remaining on noobpriest.

It warns when a mob is unfearable/unbanishable, and also keeps track of your nightfall proc and such.

ForteXcorsist is really usefull when you come to the point of raiding with multiple locks for example, because it can track soulstones from multiple chars, and it has a few other things thats really usefull. But tbh i havent used that addon to its full extent, im only using its cooldown tracker (wich i also use on my other chars). The only lock specific addon im using is necrosis, the rest of the addons are mostly the same as i use on my other chars.
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