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what that guy said :P

small adition though, to make sure you dont annoy your raid/group members disable the speech bit when using it :P

otherwise each time you summon a demon/mount it will put some text on screen wich can be annoying if your wiping a few times on 1 boss :P

the buttons are each draggable and placeable where you like it, however the default position is around the sphere itself. And another side note, as far as mounts go, as soon as you save up a few of them and want them used randomly, ignore the mount button from necrosis and use an addon like mountifull or any other random mount summoning addon

and one last side-note on the addon, dont always trust the unbanishable message, i used to get them in BRD for example with elementals i could easily banish. The unfearable message is mostly accurate as far as ive seen it. Havent had to use banish in a long while :P (damn those new pieces of ICC gear making everyone almost invincible in the older hc's)

But necrosis is seriously one addon i started using and i cant live withouth anymore on my lock. I tried using lunarsphere, but that one just isn't quite the same.
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