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Originally Posted by Torhal View Post
Profilers will use a huge amount of CPU because of everything they have to do for measuring every AddOn you're running.
Well, yeah. Just using it as a frame of reference.

Anyway: Saying "it's using so little CPU" and then ignoring that is rather dismissive - people running 200+ AddOns which do this are suddenly using a metric ****-ton of CPU for no reason whatsoever. If you aren't currently generating a pulse, the frame should be hidden so its OnUpdate will not be run.
I agree that this is good coding practice, yes. My point is that for 99% of the people out there, having a frame that pulses indefinitely is not going to be an issue (as is the intent of my usage).


Just discovered something while we're on the topic of performance that I thought should be part of this:

You can set this thing to absolutely ridiculous speeds (I've personally tried it up to 150, WELL beyond my refresh rate, just to see what would happen). The only upper limit here is your computers' crash threshold. BE CAREFUL WHEN DOING THIS. The reason it was/is using so little CPU is because apparently Blizz uses GPU time for this. On my machine at 1440x900, Ultra settings w/ some cVar tweaks, fullscreen windowed, and a frame pulsing at 150, I hit around 50%-ish GPU usage on average (peak no higher than 65%) with dual 5700-series ATis.

At any "normal" speed (say, 0.3 to 10.0 at the fastest) it's negligible, though. I'm also pulsing a pretty big frame (1024x256). Really, if you need something faster than 10...don't. You're gonna give kids seizures.

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