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No prob, just trying to get this thing to work.. I'm not interested in giving up nUI.

However, Blizzard is in the process right now of testing certain things regarding performance problems that some Macs are experiencing.. Them messing with the gxAPI setting is an example of that. So my immediate quick fix workaround may not be viable in the long run. Also, and this may be related, I've had my game periodically lock up, requiring me to manually dump WoW and restart it. This may be the trade off I'm experiencing by utilizing that particular gxAPI.

So the answer may be to allow the current Blizz default if you want a non-crash game experience and are happy with not switching back and forth from full screen to windowed mode. At least until Blizzard's experimentations are finished and they've resolved whatever Mac graphics issues they're having.

But, as of this patch right now, if you absolutely must switch back and forth between full and windowed modes, the temporary solution I listed will work.