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Hmm, lets see here...

My first ever character was a gnome rogue, I got her to level 60 a month or 2 before BC launched. I loved pvping with her, never raided much. Alliance started to become boring for me. I'm a lore nerd, and the horde has much better lore imo.

A week before BC launched I made a bold decision to reroll horde. I chose an undead warlock. Undead because Sylvanas is <3 and warlock because I liked the idea of having little demons to do my biding. She was level 70 and pvping/raiding all the way up until Wrath.

I ended up deleting my beloved toons and quit for a very long time.
But, I came back and became totally addicted to the Blood Elf race. Because I'm a girl and I like pretty foo-foo things.

Had a blood elf rogue named Epiphany and then a paladin who is my only 80, who I have been neglecting for my priest that I'm currently leveling.

Well, TL;DR.

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