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Oh jeez... Not even sure where to start. I guess with my 80s.

Night Elf Hunter: I looked at all of the other Alliance races that could be hunters and none of them jumped out at me. Besides, the shooting animation is cool... And cats, man. Cats. Night Elf hunter with white hair + white cat mount + purpleish-white cat? Yeah...

Human Pally: Had this guy for awhile. First Alliance pally I had. Only race I liked that could be pallys (granted there were only two at the time). And humans just look bad-ass...

Human DK: ...I liked the idea. Again, humans are bad-ass. It also just made the most sense to have a human death knight, especially since I was a human pally earlier. I made them exactly alike, too. Just slightly different names.

Night Elf warrior: Before you say it, no, Swifty had nothing to do with it. Sort of like the hunter, I just really liked the animation. And free stealth. ...And being able to dance like MJ.

Buh... Who else... I had a whole bunch of blood elves - pally, rogue, mage, priest, hunter, and warlock. I just had an obsession with blood elves after they first came out. I've had a whole bunch of night elf druids and tauren druids as well. None of them got all that high. I just lost interest or was too busy. Never had an interest in trolls or orcs... Highest I got either of those races, regardless of class, was just a couple of levels. At most, 16.

Good lord, that's a lot of text.
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