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I leveled my Pally as Prot. It's insanely fun to pull an entire mob camp and kill them all yet remain standing. Sure the fist couple of mobs may take a bit to go down but by the time you get their buddies, the extras are already half dead thanks to Consecration, Holy Shield (once you get it), Ret Aura, a shield spike plus other abilities that cause meleers to basically kill themselves. Thus they go down that much quicker. And runners? No big deal unless they bring along casters/ranged mobs. If they bring melee, then my task is easer as I don't have to hunt them down.

Against melee mobs, Prot shines as a leveling spec. Against, casters/ranged, not so much since you have to goto them (at least until you get Avenger's Shield + Rank 3 Shield of the Templar) while the mobs throw more pain at you. Fortunately, while leveling you mostly encounter melee mobs. Plus with Seal of Wisdom and Blessing of Sanctuary, a leveling Tankadin's downtime is pretty minimal.

In PvP, I like to bait in Rogues and Feral Druids by casting heals on other targets. Said mark thinks n00b Holy Paladin then proceed to kill themselves with a bit of help from me. While on my Druid, I tend to avoid Prot Pallys for that reason.

Ret on the other hand is pure fun when it comes to huge numbers and killing things fast.
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