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A further update on this, from a blue post in the Mac support forums.. Link is http://forums.worldofwarcraft.com/th...812266&sid=1#0

I noticed a fair number of users who are confused about the gxApi setting in your config.wtf, this setting tells WoW which engine backend to use.
I want to try to clarify things a little bit.

A long time ago, we decided that we needed to rewrite the OpenGL backend to get better performance, to add new features and to make it easier to maintain.

This rewrite is called GLL.

It was first introduced with WoW 3.2.0 but back then most people didn't know that they could use it. We changed the default gxApi in 3.3.0 for GLL. The problem was that we were unaware of many big issues and most people had a lot of problems. We then told people to add SET gxApi "OpenGL" to their config.wtf to revert to the old backend. With 3.3.2, we changed the default gxApi back to OpenGL.

When you try to set a setting to its default value in your config.wtf, the game will delete that line.
The reason why OpenGL is the default backend again is because there are still unresolved issues with the GLL backend.

Known issues with GLL for WoW 3.3.2:
#1 Random lockups
#2 Corrupted icons/sky
#3 Hang when you lower your multisampling setting and that you use a GeForce 8+

Because of these issues, you should not use GLL unless you don't care about rebooting your computer.
GLL will become the default backend when we are sure that all major issues have been taken care of.
So it would appear that once they get the issues with GLL fixed, that will revert back to the default setting and the texture problems should be fixed once more... So it is just a matter of time.