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Ya, I get that, It's just that I've found when there is a lot going on, (quite common as a Frosty DK) the HUD Icons can get overlaid with cast bars/CD's etc.

As for the buff/debuff frames, it can be very hard to spot say Freezing Fog and Killing Machine in a sea of raid buffs, Miks helps to keep track of these things, but I'd prefer to simplify things a bit more if I can.

After all, I don't need to know about the Hunters Serpent Sting on the target, or the Shamans Elemental Mastery, and while it is nice to know that I have Kings or Fort or whatever, these aren't as critical to my DPS/Tanking as being able to spot at a glance that my Horn of Winter is about to drop, or that I have a Rime Proc lined up with Killing Machine and Trinket Procs.

Anyway, not really a complaint, just wondering if it is possible, as I said, I love the UI and the ability to customise the buff frames would be icing on the cake