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Question about the cast bar

I've been using nUI for a year(ish) and absolutely love it. However, the action bar keybinding issue was hitting me pretty hard there for a bit, so I switched off nUI until the issue was resolved. BTW, kudos to Mr. Piel for getting that taken care of... seems to be flawless now.

In my nUI-less period, I was using a cast bar / timers addon that showed the individual tick events of channeled spells. As a raiding warlock, this proved to be an invaluable asset for knowing when to cut off rain of fire or drain soul to not have needless DPS loss.

Now that I'm back to nUI, I'm kinda in a bad place because I have two cast bars on my casts. I've checked the slash commands for nUI, and I can't figure out a way to disable the default nUI cast bar. Is there not a way, or have I just missed something obvious?

Thanks in advance!