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Chat Channels Major Problem

Originally Posted by hornedhalo View Post
Carbonite keeps giving me the message that i can only use 10 chat channels and stops me from interacting with npcs, i can't use the esc button functions, and my frineds say i am logged out but i can still move around. It does this whether i have any other addon enabled or disabled. What have I cone wrong. I have unchecked the box to add social page but still am having this problem and I love carbonite. I will be lost without it.
I have the same problem and when it makes several channels (above 10) its a game crash. Vista 32bit.

Anyways, I did find out how to get rid of those channels. it's under the privacy options. Check mark dont want to know about updates and others in zone. the chat channels then disappear.

So sad that I won't be using these 2 utilities because of a major bug
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