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Originally Posted by Saiket View Post
I'm still not entirely sure what you want, or what you don't want.
I want my addons, all of them, to be pixel perfect. I also want to be able to design textures for my native resolution, not some crazy number that WoW decided. I'm not saying everyone wants this, but for me this feels like a very natural way to design a user interface.

I also wanted to suggest a method for addon authors to design a more consistent user interface experience. All too often I see an author that designed his options GUI when his scale was set crazy, and it ends up not blending at all with the rest of the UI components. I'm suggesting that by designing at your native monitor resolution, you can deliver a more quality, consistent experience.

Originally Posted by Saiket View Post
If you want to scale things, you're welcome to do that math. There's no magic to UIScale.
I agree, it's not special, but it was an answer so simple that has bugged the hell out of me for over a year, and I couldn't find another resource on it, so I thought I would post. Hopefully others will find it and appreciate it. For me, if I redesign my UI again (very likely), this is the first step on my list.
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