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steelseries wow mouse binding problems

The software included with the WoW mouse allows me to bind specific keys to specific buttons quite well, but I would prefer to use it as a "generic 15 button mouse".

This is possible if you load up the mouse config software and just "clear" all the special keys except for left/right, scroll up/down etc that you can find on normal mice.

Then the rest of the keys will show up as "mouse button 12" etc

My problem is this: with the nUI function of ctrl-alt-rightclicking a button, the mouse bind doesnt stick. The window opens up, I click the button I want, I see the "mouse button 15" for example, click OK and then nothing happens when you click the mouse button.

However, if I open the esc - key bindings interface and do it that way ( for the basic action bars ) it works..

Can anyone confirm this is happening? I'm using the latest version of the full nUI+

Thanks in advance for answers!