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Originally Posted by Sideshow View Post
My addon has a 1 pixel main frame border, and contains a lot of bars, which are all on 1 pixel distance from the mainborder...
You can try night's suggestion, but like I said, just looking at the code, it appears as if it's setting the uiScale, which it should not do.

You can try with my modification as well:

local mult = (768/string.match(({GetScreenResolutions()})[GetCurrentResolution()], "%d+x(%d+)"))/GetCVar("uiScale")
local function scale(x) return mult*x end

Once I get off work, I'll test this and investigate a bit further. Anyone else is welcome to provide insight.

I agree that Saiket's code is geared more towards a specific purpose, so it's going to be a little obfuscated.
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