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Originally Posted by regel View Post
I have used nUI most of my time when I have played WoW and it have worked great, but lately I do PvP most of the time and now I have found out that some "problems" bother me.

I have my camera at max distance, so there is a lot of space between my avatar and the cast bar, cooldown bar and the bar showing my spells on the target. Is it possible to move these bars up a bit, closer to my avatar?
Yes... you would have to edit [ Interface > AddOns > nUI > Layouts > Default > HUDLayouts > {HUD mode} > nUI_HUDSkin_{hud mode}_{unit}.lua ] with any plain text editor (like notepad) where {hud mode} is one of PlayerTarget, HealthPower, etc. and unit is either Castbar, Player or Target depending on which elements you want to move.

When you look in this file, you want to find the item you want to move and look for the "anchor =" section. Changing xOfs in the anchor moves the element left and right and yOfs moves it up an down.

It's really quite easy to do... just make the change you think you want and save the file, then do a '/nui rl' to see what your change looks like. If you don't like the result, change it again, etc.

The castbar is fine, but the little red ball showing the global cooldown is to small. I want it bigger so it would be easier to see it in the corner of my eye. Is it possible to change the size of the red ball?
You can change the size of the Global Cooldown indicator by editing [ Interface > AddOns > nUI > Layouts > Default > HUDLayouts > {HUD mode} > nUI_HUDSkin_{HUD mode}_Castbar.lua ] and locate the ["GCD"] section. Increasing the value of the width field makes the bar longer and increasing the value of height field make it taller. The size of the "ball" is tied to the height of the bar... the taller the bar, the bigger the ball.

I am playing a warlock and I can't find my pets cooldowns in the cooldown bar. My pets cooldows is as important as my own. Is it possible make pet cooldowns appear in the cooldown bar?
In the current version of nUI, no. I'll keep that in mind however as I work on nUI6.

The nUI buttons have a lot of good features. It would be greaqt if it was possible to add a "click througth" feature so you could have a bar closer to your avartar for the information, but not able to click the buttons by misstake. Having a feature like this needs some more action bars as well.
I'll keep this in mind as well... it should be possible, though I'm not sure I agree this is a good idea. More than one set of action bars with the same thing on it seems like overkill to me whether they are clickable or not.

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