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Unhappy fps with .17

Hey all,

I've downloaded this new version and still I'm suffering from what I consider insane fps problems. Inside of raids, be it totc, icc or voa (and outside dalaran) I get 5-20 average FPS, basically unplayable as my screen is freezing up intermittently. Outside of these locations, 50+ FPS (screen's below).

I've tried turning a few things off (moving pic's of my car in bar etc). But to no avail. I turned nui off completely and reverted back to Shadow unitframes and bartender 4.... needless to say, when fighting sindragosa with out 25 man.. up went my FPS to 50+

I really enjoy NUI++ and tbh don't want to switch back, but unless I can fix this problem with the FPS I'm going to have to...

I've tried a complete reinstall (deleted everything but interface folder) - no joy
I've tried turning all video settings down to Low - no joy.

Any idea what's causing this ???

I use the nui_infopannel_dualstats to display omen and recount together. Other addons include Atlas Loot and DBM.


Crystalsong Forest

Thanks for any help you can give