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I just want to chime in here that I used to have massive fps problems in raids. Shifting to party or solo frames helped quite a bit but I was still at as low as 20fps. It was enough to heal but was annoying as hell when it dropped to 5fps.

That was when I had an NVidia 7600. It improved somewhat when I got a hand me down upgrade to an 8400 but I now have my brothers cast off ( rofl ) of a 285 and I have not noticed any problems in raids anymore. even the new ICC which I thought would be hectic with its upgrades.

Dalaran however is still a nightmare if I zoom out with it dropping as low as 15fps but going as high as 50fps when zooming in close.

Bear in mind that Blizzard have been slowly increasing graphics in the game since 3.1 so that people start upgrading early ready for the massive graphic upheaval when cataclysm comes out. If you're having problems now ... heaven forbid your problems when that releases. Going from 3.0 to 3.1 was hell for me with a 7600.

So, with all these suggestions were there any improvements at all ? However small ? It didn't rise from 5fps to 10fps ? Thats a double increase there and significant and shows that it is the usual fps problem that Scott is hoping will be resolved in nUI 6.