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Possibly. nUI does a lot of stuff so of course it may slow down fps that way as works through the information. Which was the reason for the suggestion to use the smaller unit frame set to cut down the amount of information nUI processes at that time.

As I mentioned .. I used to have fps problems several months back and it was so bad at some points that I had to disable nUI to raid. 5fps while healing 25 man ulduar is not good. That only lasted that one run though as I found I healed a lot worse using the default interface than using nUI as its layout is exactly the way I play.

Anyway, here are some screenshots of my own. And I have omen, recount, dbm, grid and using 25 man unit frames on display. Some of the runs even show skada in use. And these are all after combat have finished so you can imagine how much lower the fps could have been ( I'll have to snatch a screen shot or two in mid combat next time ).

As you can see even on the same run I fluctuate from 30fps to 60fps. The latter more likely when there are less people around and the former when there is a lot going on around. Having played at 5fps 30fps is not a problem for me and shows that in my case the problems were due to WoWs graphics improvements and my lower end graphics card no longer being viable for WoW. If of course that is not the case for you then I apologise for raising the possibility.
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