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I greatly appreciate your help I did find the game playable when I turned data collection off in recount. Before I switched to nUI I suffered the usual stupid lag in Dalaran, just not to the extent I was while raiding with nUI and Recount. (I might be off by thinking it's recount.. I just noticed a large amount of memory usage while having the problems outlined above).

Does nUI still process the data for the other raid members if I leave it on single player view? (which i have been doing and that, coupled with no recount collection, has allowed the game to be playable).

Currently floating around IF/SW etc on my lowly shammy alt, I get triple figure FPS and not a single problem (Yes I know, nice and quite time/place to be so it should go up).

I have an XFX 9600 GT(512 MB) video card, with drivers updated no more than 1 week ago. Is there some kind of logging I could switch on to help give some feedback??

Thank you for all the help...