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nUI does use unit frame optimization. The only units that data is collected on are those that are actively being displayed and no graphics updates occur unless (a) the unit is being actively displayed and (b) the data actually changes.

That's why I suggested that you switch to the solo panel as the FPS leak nUI suffers from is in the aura handling... with 40-80 players to track plus targets in a raid or battelground, the aura situation is a nightmare. Switching to the solo panel means I am only tracking auras on you, your pet, your target and the ToT, maybe a focus.

If switching between a 25 man raid panel and the solo panel didn't make a difference in the FPS, then that means you are not one of the people who is suffering from the FPS leak bug and, therefore, I seriously doubt the issue is nUI directly.

However, that said, nUI *does* have *far* more screen elements than the default UI or even most custom UIs and, therefore, if you have a problem with your graphics card or driver, then nUI *will* complicate that problem. But it does remain that the underlying problem is the graphics issue.

Hope that clears it up a bit.

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