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Originally Posted by ormjaevel View Post
Yea, indeed I understand but if Clique makes it work it should be able to do it yourself aswell, or am I wrong?
You could, but not in a macro.

All frames (including unit frames) that intercept one kind of mouse click (such as left-click) will also intercept other kinds of mouse clicks (such as button5) even if they aren't set up to respond to them. Clique works by changing unit frames to respond to specific kinds of mouse clicks in specific ways, the same way most unit frames default to responding to a left-click by targeting the unit associated with the frame.

However, key presses are handled differently than mouse clicks. When you press a key while the cursor is over a unit frame, the unit frame doesn't intercept the key press the way it intercepts mouse clicks. This is why your macro would work as expected if bound to a regular key, but doesn't work as expected when bound to a mouse button.

As others have said, your choices are to (a) bind the macro to a regular key, or (b) install Clique to enable click-casting on Grid frames.

Also note that if you use Clique to run your macro when clicking button5 over a unit frame, you can still have button5 bound to your macro, and that binding will still work while the cursor isn't over a unit frame.
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